We provide clogged toilet services for Northern Virginia and Maryland residents. Having a clogged toilet does not have to be a stressful situation. We do understand that it definitely considered an emergency, especially if you only have one bathroom. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for just these types of issues. When you employ us to solve your clog, we will handle the situation quickly and easily at a low cost to you.

We proudly provide clogged toilet service to the Metro DC area and the surrounding counties.

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Most of the time, we can get your fixture working again quickly. Here a few simple causes of a backup in the bathroom:

  • Waste paper
  • Children
  • Hair
  • Baby related items

Toilet paper – This is probably the most common reason for a clogged toilet. Not flushing in between uses and letting too much toilet paper sit for extended periods of time can easily cause your plumbing to back up. Do not worry, 99% of the time we can fix this issue very quickly and you will have the use of your bathroom in a jiffy.

Children – Small children are often fascinated by the bathroom and can cause a clogged toilet. Our little ones seem to find it fun to throw anything into the commode, including big toys and items that have no business in the bathroom. Have no fear, this is usually an easy fix for us as well and the offending object can usually be removed without incident.

Hair – Flushing hair is not a great idea and can often lead to a clogged toilet. While hair may not cause an issue upon first flush, over time excessive amounts of hair can back up in the depths of your plumbing system and eventually clog the pipes. We have special tools that can handle this situation so you can promptly get back to your day.

Baby related items – Attempting to flush a baby diaper is a surefire way to clog your pipes. We understand that many people do not realize that baby-related items such as diapers and wipes should be disposed of in proper receptacles instead of being flushed. Do not worry, we will come and dislodge the item or items and we promise not to tell anyone!

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